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5 Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection

As a homeowner, you probably don’t give your electricity system much thought until something goes wrong. Basically, a home electrical inspection looks at all the parts of an electrical system, such as the wires, components, circuit breakers, air panels, conduits, electrical boxes, and even electrical appliances.

This article lists reasons why you should get your electrical system checked and explains why you should only hire a licensed and highly trained electrician.

Living in an Older Home

If you live in an older home, one of the main reasons you should get your electrical system checked is this. Older homes are more likely to have problems, even though new homes are thought to be safer and generally need LED retrofit kits for HID fixtures every 7 months.

The wires could be badly damaged, so keep that in mind. Tube and knob wiring and other old technologies that don’t work with modern tools are also common in older homes. Consider that many people may have tried to make the basic wiring better.

Things may not be as good after these changes, though. A qualified electrician should be called every three years if you live in an old house.

Buying or Selling a Home

Do you plan to buy a new house soon? If so, you should have your electricity checked out. Before you buy a house, you should find out if there are any dangerous electricity problems that will cost a lot to fix. Also, getting an electrical check can help you get a better deal on a house if you find problems with it.

An electrical check will tell you what needs to be done to bring your home’s electrical system up to date if you’re selling it. Your home’s value could go down if you don’t get an electrical check.

Remodeling Your Home

After remodeling your house and fixing some damage, you still need to schedule an electrical inspection. Consider that many people who update their homes add on to the electrical systems that were already there.

 In addition to telling you if the work can be done safely, they can also suggest ways to update your home’s electrical parts to make them safer and more useful.

Unexpected Heated Switches and Electrical Outlets

Eventually, electricity sockets and switches can get warm. Some warming up is normal, but be wary if you feel heat coming from your switches that you didn’t expect. A second sign of worry is finding sockets that are very hot. Immediately turn off the main breaker and call us if this happens.

Lights That Dim or Flicker 

It may not be dangerous if your lights flash or get dim. But this is a regular sign that shows Circuit breaker lockout at the same time. To get peace of mind and make sure all of your appliances are working, call a qualified electrician to find out why the lights are dimming or flickering.

Aside from that, your electrician can carefully check all of your equipment, suggest upgrades, and tell you how long each one will last.

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