how to cut players in retro bowl

In the mobile game “Retro Bowl,” you cannot directly “cut” or release players like you would in a traditional sports management simulation game. Instead, players may leave your team for various reasons over time, and you can choose not to renew their contracts when they expire. Here’s how the player management system works in “Retro Bowl”:

  1. Contract Renewal: In “Retro Bowl,” your players have contracts that expire after a certain number of seasons. You have the option to renew their contracts when they come to an end.
  2. Player Departure Reasons: Players can leave your team for several reasons, such as retirement, pursuing a different career, or simply not renewing their contracts with your team.
  3. Managing Contracts: To manage your team’s roster, go to the “Team” section in the game. Here, you can see the status of your players’ contracts and decide whether to renew or let them go when their contracts expire.
    • To Renew a Contract: Simply tap on a player whose contract is expiring and select “Offer New Contract.” You can negotiate the contract terms and, if the player agrees, they will remain on your team.
    • To Let a Player Go: If you choose not to renew a player’s contract, they will leave your team at the end of the season. There is no specific option to “cut” or release players; they depart when their contracts run out.
  4. Player Development: To maintain a competitive team, focus on player development and scouting new talent in the draft. Developing your players’ skills and finding promising rookies will help you build a successful team over time.
  5. Team Success: Your team’s success in “Retro Bowl” is determined by the overall skill level of your players, your coaching decisions during games, and how well you manage your team’s finances and contracts.

Remember that “Retro Bowl” is a simplified and retro-style football management game, so the player management mechanics are not as complex as those in more realistic sports management simulations. Your goal is to build a winning team by making strategic choices during games and managing your roster over multiple seasons.

If you have specific questions or concerns about managing your team in “Retro Bowl,” refer to the in-game tutorials or consult the game’s community forums for additional tips and strategies.

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