how to cut someone in retro bowl

In the mobile game “Retro Bowl,” you cannot directly “cut” or release players from your team as you might in other sports management games. The game does not have a feature to remove players from your roster once they are signed. Players remain on your team indefinitely unless they retire due to age or injury.

Here’s how the player management works in “Retro Bowl”:

  1. Recruitment: You start with a limited roster of players. To build a better team, you need to recruit new players through the draft, free agency, or trading.
  2. Retirement: Players in “Retro Bowl” have a career span, and as they get older, they may retire due to age or injury. When a player retires, you’ll need to replace them through the recruitment process.
  3. Player Development: Focus on developing the skills of your existing players by investing in their training and upgrading their stats.
  4. Trading: You can trade players with other teams if you want to acquire or exchange talent. However, trading can be limited in the game.
  5. Injury Management: If a player gets injured during a game, they may miss a certain number of games depending on the severity of the injury. Properly managing your team’s injuries is essential for success.
  6. Contract Renewal: Players have contracts that need to be renewed periodically. Failing to renew a player’s contract will result in their departure from your team.

In “Retro Bowl,” the primary focus is on managing your team’s performance during games, improving your strategies, and developing your players’ skills. You don’t have direct control over the roster by cutting or releasing players. Instead, you continuously work to strengthen your team by making smart recruitment decisions and ensuring your players are performing at their best.

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